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Sibling Love Retro Car Then & Now

July 28, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Just sharing an adorable Then-and-Now session.  Hoping Mama comes back to visit Naples every year so we can keep this tradition going! Love this vintage car hood - its aqua color really brings out the sisters' gorgeous blue eyes! 

Toddler-Sister-Sitting-Vintage-Car-hood-NaplesToddler-Sister-Sitting-Vintage-Car-hood-Naples Newborn-Older-sister-sitting-on-vintage-car-hood-kissing-sunsetNewborn-Older-sister-sitting-on-vintage-car-hood-kissing-sunset

And then, of course, I had to photograph my own kids with this setup!  Here is their After and Before.  

retro-car-kids-sitting-on-hood-sunset-headlights-onretro-car-kids-sitting-on-hood-sunset-headlights-on siblings-sitting-vintage-blue-car-hearts-flying-overheadsiblings-sitting-vintage-blue-car-hearts-flying-overhead

And, just for fun, here is a recent edit of the Sisters - only difference between left and right image is that I added lights to the cars headlights in the right image! 

FREE-headlight-light-burst-png-for-photographersFREE-headlight-light-burst-png-for-photographers free-download-for-photographers-lightburst-png-photoshopfree-download-for-photographers-lightburst-png-photoshop

You can easily do the same too!  I created a LightBurst as a .png for you to download FREE - click HERE.  And here is how I used it:

  • Place the lightburst over your source - set Layer Mode to Overlay at 44%

  • Duplicate that layer - change Layer Mode to Saturation at 33%

  • Duplicate it again - change Layer Mode to Normal at 22%.

Or - play around with it and do whatever works best for you!  Enjoy!


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