Hanging 4x6 Prints

May 19, 2014  •  8 Comments

So Pinterest has showed me a number of cute, clever, and crafty ways to hang or display photo prints - and sadly I am neither cute, clever, or crafty, BUT decided to try my hand at a Pinterest-inspired idea.  LOVE the idea of hanging prints on a wire - and most I've seen use bulldog clamps and/or S-Hooks.  And I was all over that idea but I couldn't find any bulldog clamps and I was in a rush to leave WalMart.  But i did find a box of ID Badge Holders and thought why not?  Might maybe sorta look kinda homespun slick if I mat some 4x6 and string them on wire? 

Can recall the cost of the mats, but the wire, eye hooks, and id badge holders all came in at under $7!

It'll do for now!  I have another row to string but I've run out of mats!


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