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One Wall, Lots of Possibilities

April 24, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

This is just the first of many "rooms" I'm working on for display purposes - to help show various canvas sizes and groupings in a realistic setting.  The three photos below are exactly the same - same wall - just different canvas cluster possibilities.  All the images came from one of my recent beach sessions at the Naples Ritz.

Its not JUST getting out on the beach and taking the photos that I love - its the whole process!  The editing, the artistry, and the design work afterwards - the process of creating your art!  Telling in photos Your story on Your wall!

Design it - Show it - Sell it.

wall-art-3-canvas-grouping-naples-fl-beachwall-art-3-canvas-grouping-naples-fl-beach six-canvas-cluster-wall-artsix-canvas-cluster-wall-art 4-canvas-grouping-real-room-view4-canvas-grouping-real-room-view


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