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The Times, They Are a Changin', and the sky is too

October 24, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

So I received a request from one of my most lovely clients to re-edit a family shot I had taken over 3 years ago - to remove a whole person from the image (ya know, because relations come and go and this one went). Yes, ordinarily I'd suggest a re-shoot, however 2 of the family members reside on another continent and it may be a while before their next visit.  So, I tried to remove the ex-girlfriend, and then decided to body-swap mom and baby, and THEN decided to gussy it up a bit with some sky overlays (courtesy of yours truly). Isn't it kinda amazing just how much changing out the skies changes the entire portrait??  


Now, for some of my favorite recent shots from this family's session!  I've loved photographing Mr. G since he was just a tiny little tot, and he doesn't disappoint - camera still loves him!  

family-snapshot-after-sunsetfamily-snapshot-after-sunset cute-boy-holding-cottontailcute-boy-holding-cottontail
black-white-cute-boy-serious-lookblack-white-cute-boy-serious-look Mom-hugs-son-sitting-downMom-hugs-son-sitting-down



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