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Valentine's Tic Tac Photo Template & Tutorial

January 15, 2014  •  1 Comment


All apologies for the crappy pics - all shot in my pitch-black living room under incandescent light - bleh.  Will re-shoot in daylight soon I hope.  But I was so excited that my little template sizing worked out so well that I wanted to get this blogged and out there for you.

Super easy!  Here we go!

Step One: Buy the Tic Tac template in my etsy shop (intermediate photoshop knowledge required). This template is FULLY customizable - don't like the pink background?  Clip your own background to it.  Change the wording and the font. Do whatever you like with it as long as you do not re-sell or distribute it.  But feel free to pin this post :)  Once you purchase the template, clip on your image or images and adjust the text to suit, flatten it and save as a .JPG.  Don't mess with the size!  It is ready to print as a 4x6!  Three 'labels' per printed 4x6.  I printed mine at Target for 10 cents just for this trial run, but will print thru my pro labs for the actual valentines :) 

Step Two: Get yourself a few Tic Tac packages, valentines colored preferably!  Get your 4x6 prints of the Tic Tac labels.


Step Three: The Tic Tac labels on the actual container were a bit longer than I expected, but luckily they peeled very easily.  So peel them back a 1/2 inch or so on each side.  Now you have sticky stuff on each side which serves as all the tape you need in order to secure your printed labels!!

Step Four:  Cut out with scissors your three printed labels.  Make hard creases in the center (fold just above each of the hearts) - this is the part that needs to fit over the top lid of the Tic Tac container.

Step Five: Stick your label on to the sticky Tic Tac label you had peeled - and wallah!  Insta-Valentine!


Hope you enjoyed this post and feel inspired to make your own awesome Valentines!  Please share this blog link or pin it.  Thanks!


tiffany feger(non-registered)
I was honestly hoping you'd come up w/ a fun valentine's idea for me again this year. you're the BEST!
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