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Happy 7th Birthday to My Love

November 27, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Gah, I'm really not one for words - I'm much more comfortable posting my photos and letting them speak for themselves.  And still, today is 3 day's shy of my firstborn's 7th birthday.  I'm finding it more difficult than ever to put into words all the love and adoration I have for this child.  

I can't even begin to describe how utterly amazing he is, nor can I take any credit for that.  He was simply born that way - by far the most genuine, compassionate, kind, GOOD-hearted person I've ever met.  He was born with an innate sense of right, truth, and understanding that most people probably never develop in their entire life.

He always praises the good in life, rarely ever complains, always thinks about others, and ALWAYS freely gives his thanks and enthusiasm and happiness and doesn't ever hold back in telling someone he loves them.  Every day is "the best day ever" and he's always sharing his gratitude.  He is a beyond-wonderful and doting big brother. He is my teacher and he is my greatest gift and he is my love.  





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