My Christmas Cards - Or the only place my kids are in snow - Updated

November 29, 2016  •  5 Comments

Just realized I have not blogged in over a year!!! Ooops.  I've not fallen off a cliff, I swear. I have had so many incredibly gorgeous clients and sessions this year, just haven't made the time to share or blog.  

But I'm re-visiting this personal post from 2 years ago to give it a quick update.  Take a peak at my personal Christmas Cards for the past 7 years.  Still, my kids have never seen snow, or been out of the state of Florida, yet I've got this nutty compulsion to create wintery scenes and images each and every year!  Well, I entertain myself, at least.  

Enjoy! and please... do me a solid?  Have yourself a very Merry Christmas! 





2015 (alternate)




Danielle Daniels Photography


(c) all rights protected MICK LUVIN


(c) all rights protected MICK LUVIN


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Just realized I have not blogged in over a year!!! Ooops. I've not fallen off a cliff, I swear. I have had so many incredibly
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