A Mom’s Mission & Her Family

April 27, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

I had the awesome pleasure of meeting up with my friend Julia the other day – primarily to grab some photos for her to use in her campaign to promote the normalization of nursing in public  - yay!  Breastfeeding shots.  Facebook hates those.  More fuel to her fire.

In retrospect I suppose we should have selected a “public place” to conduct this session:  a library, restaurant, etc.   But the weeds growing on the vacant lot next to her house just looked so picturesque that I couldn’t help myself.

Grabbed a few family shots before her little soon-to-be 1-year old decided he’d like to help himself to some milk!  Love the ole roving one-eye nursing babes give ya – like this little man couldn’t decide if he would rather nurse or pay attention to the goofball taking his photos.

So, now for Julia’s campaign photos – lol!   Campaign or not, I truly love breastfeeding photos: the curled toes, the baby clutching mom’s shirt. Nothing in the world comes close to the bonding experience and connection that breastfeeding creates.

And to have a beautiful lasting memory of it is truly a treasure! I breast-fed my son for 18 months and wish I had thought about nursing photos back then!  Now my baby is a big kid and all I have are my memories – would have been nice to capture a photo or 2 though!

I think these captures are just classic and gorgeous. Admittedly they are not outrageous or edgy or eyebrow-raising enough for her campaign, but I know they will be treasured for what they are:  a capture of the love and bond between this momma and her baby!


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