She is an incredible, vibrant woman. And her family is so insanely gorgeous it just doesn't seem fair to the rest of the world. She is GENUINELY living life, and her cup is always full! And, as she goes about her busy day, she KNOWS she needs to stop for a moment, breath, soak it all in, APPRECIATE the beauty that is her and her family and that surrounds them here in Naples, and discover some way to preserve, if only in a photo, even just a precious few moments and memories in time...

She lives for the big things, and the little things, and the details in between. Her newborn's tiny toes and flaky feet, her infant's surprise toothless grins, her spouse's tender kiss on her cheek, her son's running leap into her arms, her own mother gently holding her hand, her whole family just being together, sharing in the moment, enjoying each other as the sun sets on the beach. These are the MOMENTS of her life, and she DESERVES to have them recorded.

Sigh... this woman is so crazy-beautiful - I do hope she knows that! If she doesn't, she soon will!

Allow me to introduce you to... YOU!